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Safety Siphon Shaker 6-Foot Fuel Hose

Safety Siphon Shaker 6-Foot Fuel Hose
Product Code: W12-1201
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Saftey Siphon allows you to empty your petrol tank quickly without removing the fuel line. The benefit of this unique device is that you don't use your mouth to create the suction! Just shake the end inside the tank and fuel will begin to siphon out. Siphons up to 3 gallons per minute.

Instructions: Be sure that the tank you want to empty is vertically above the empty container that you will collect the siphoned fuel. Also be sure the collection container is large enough to hold all the fuel you will collect.

Insert the shaker end of the hose as far into your full tank as possible. Insert and hold the open end into your collection container so no fuel will spill. Begin shaking the hose up and down that is in the full fuel tank and the siphon will begin to remove the liquid at a rate of 3 gallons per minute. To stop the flow of fuel at any time just lift the shaker end out of the full fuel tank and allow the contents of the tube to drain completely.

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