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SL70 | SL175 Tail Light License Plate Bracket

SL70 | SL175 Tail Light License Plate Bracket
Brand: REMX
Product Code: 84701-313-673XW
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Genuine replacement chrome taillight bracket replaces original Honda chrome bracket. This is the big chrome license plate bracket that always is broken or missing on the SL70 and SL175 models. Ready for you to restore your SL to its original glory.

Replaces Honda part number 84701-313-673XW

Kit of 4 rubber grommets
Kit of Honda 4 grommets, 4 spacers, 4 washers, and 4-6mm bolts
Kit as above plus tail light with 6 volt bulb (12 volt bulb upon request)

Fits models:

1971-1972 SL70
‚Äč1970-1971 SL175

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Gordon on 07/02/2017
2 reviews
A perfect replica of an unobtainable part. The full package had everything to mount it. THANK YOU SO MUCH
John on 06/14/2017
2 reviews
John Maxxxn here. I ordered a SL175 tail light bracket from you on eBay and received it yesterday. I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for taking the time, the effort and expense of having this unobtainable part reproduced to such a high level. It is an exact match in every detail, and I imagine the chrome is even better than the original. I am restoring an otherwise complete 1970 SL175 and the tail light bracket was modified to accept rear turn signals. I had all but given up finding a replacement of suitable quality and was resigned to just plugging the 2 holes with some form of plastic plug. Thank you again, Most sincerely, John

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