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BMW R50/2 R50S R50US R60/2 R60US R69S R69US 12 volt conversion kit Vape Ignition

BMW R50/2 R50S R50US R60/2 R60US R69S R69US 12 volt conversion kit Vape Ignition
Brand: PowerDynamo
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PowerDynamo/Vape solid state ignition and generator for BMW models. Use to convert from 6v to 12v (you will need to replace your bulbs). This is a new generator/regulator and magneto ignition with an integrated solid state ignition and magnet-based generator which upgrades your bike's ignition and electrics. See all the pictures to verify that this is the correct system for you. Comes with all the items shown in the picture plus a correct flywheel puller.

Magneto with integrated solid state ignition, output at 12V/150W DC. Ignition with own power supply from within the system. Replaces old generator L45/60L, regulator, magnet unit, centrifugal advance unit in above listed BMW with 20mm crankpin measured at wide end.

Does not require changes to crankcase. The system is technically capable of running without battery. All the 12v components are out of sight behind the front engine cover or tucked under the tank. No extra wires run to the headlight--the bike looks completely stock. The difference you will notice is how much easier the bike starts and runs, and a much improved lighting system..

System has ignition triggered on crankshaft which not only eliminates wear between crank and cam influencing ignition, but also frees the camshaft place to install de the ignition coil there (as this system does)

Also timing is easier as you have at crank level full angles.

Advantage over original system:

  • all parts are new
  • solid state ignition and advance
  • more light output
  • very stable ignition with solid spark
  • better starting, better fuel burning
  • no wear anymore on collector, governor and points

Fits models:

BMW R50/2, R50S, R50US, R60/2, R60US, R69S, R69US with 20mm crankpin (measured at wide end)

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