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SL70 | XL75 | CB77 | CR125R | CR250R Chrome Lever Pivot Bolt

SL70 | XL75 | CB77 | CR125R | CR250R Chrome Lever Pivot Bolt
Brand: REMX
Product Code: 28-0174
Availability: In Stock
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After market chrome lever pivot bolt fits literally hundreds of Honda motorcycles and ATVs some of which are listed here for the bikes we restore. Some of the attributes of this bolt are the bright, flat head that is 10mm across flats and 6mm threads. Comes with hex nut and lock washer as shown.

replaces Honda 90114-310-000

Fits models:

1982-1984 ATC110
1984 ATC125M
1980-1983 ATC185
1981-1983 ATC200
1982-1983 ATC200E
1984 ATC200ES | S | M
1971-1978 ATC90
1966 CA160
1976-1982 CB125S
1970-1973 CB175
1974 CB200
1975-1976 CB200T
1991-2008 CB250
1972-1974 CB350F
1973 CB350G
1970-1972 CB350
1974 CB360G
1974 CB360
1975-1976 CB360T
1978 CB400A
1975-1977 CB400F
1978-1981 CB400T
1966-1974 CB450
1982-1986 CB450SC
1982 CB450T
1971-1973 CB500
1975-1976 CB500
1975-1977 CB550F
1974-1978 CB550
1975-1978 CB750F
1969-1978 CB750K
1985-1986 CH250
1976-1977 CJ360T
1974 CL125S
1968 CL175
1970-1973 CL175
1974 CL200
1970-1973 CL350
1974-1975 CL360
1967-1974 CL450
1978-1979 CM185T
1980-1982 CM200T
1982-1983 CM250C
1979-1981 CM400A
1981 CM400C
1980-1981 CM400E
1979-1981 CM400T
1982-1983 CM450A
1982 CM450C
1982-1983 CM450E
1979-1982 CR125R
1978 CR250R
1975-1979 CT70
1975-1977 CT90
1978-1979 CX500
1979-1982 CX500C
1979-1981 CX500D
1982-1983 FT500
19751978 GL1000
1982 MB5
1970-1971 SL175
1970-1972 SL350
1971-1973 SL70
1973-1975 ST90
1984 TRX200
1979 XL100S
1979 XL125S
1979 XL185S

1978-1979 XL250S
1979 XL500S
1977-1979 XL75
1979 XR185
1979 XR250
1979 XR500
1979 XR80

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