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Honda Adjuster Nut A, Brake Joint

Honda Adjuster Nut A, Brake Joint
Brand: Honda
Product Code: HON950410
Availability: In Stock
Qty: Add to Cart

Genuine Honda adjuster, brake joint. Be careful as this part comes in two sizes. This is the smaller diameter model. Check to be sure that your model is on this list. We have linked this to only the model listing and superseded parts could mean you need the larger diameter.

Fits models:

1979-1983 ATC110
1973-1974 ATC70
1971-1978 ATC90
1972 CT70
1971 C70M
1963 CA100 | CA102 | CA105T | CA110 
1968-1969 CA175
1964 CA200
1970-1972 CB100
1973-1985 CB125S
1986 CH150D Elite Deluxe Scooter 
1985-2007 CH80 Elite Scooter 
2002-2008 CHF50 Metropolitan Scooter 
2002-2008 CHF50P Metropolitan II Scooter 
1970-1973 CL100 | CL100S
1968 CL125A
1973-1974 CL125S
1968 CL175
1969-1972 CL70
1967 CL90
1966 CM91
1985-1991 CR80R
2004-2008 CRF50F
1964 CT200
1970-1976 CT70 | CT70H
1966-1976 CT90
1991-1996 EZ90
1974-1975 MR50
1977-1978 MT125R
1979-1981 NA50 Express II Scooter 
1983-1987 NB50 Aero Scooter 
1977-1983 NC50 Express Scooter 
1983-1985 NH80MD Aero Scooter 
1984 NN50MD Gyro Scooter 
2003-2008 NPS50 | NPS50S Ruckus Scooter 
NQ50D-G 1986 50 NQ50D Spree Special Scooter 
1984-1987 NQ50 Spree Scooter 
1982-1983 NU50 | NU50M Urban Express Scooter 
1981-1982 NX50M Express SR Moped
1978-1983 PA50I | PA50II Moped 
1971-9175 QA50
1965 S65
1965 S90
1988-2001 SA50 | SA50P Elite 50 Scooter 
1987-1990 SB50 | SB50P Elite Scooter
1987 SE50 | SE50P Elite Scooter 
1970-1973 SL100
1971-1973 SL125
1970-1971 SL175
1971-1973 SL70
1969 SL90
1968 SS125A
1973-1975 ST90
1985-1986 TG50 Gyro | Gyro S Scooter 
1973-1976 TL125 | TL125S
1974-1978 XL100
1974-1976 XL125
1974-1976 XL70
2000-2003 XR50R
1973-1976 XR75
1969-1978 Z50A
1979-1999 Z50R
1986 Z50RD

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