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CZ 250 | 380 | 400 Vape Ignition (2.25kg)

CZ 250 | 380 | 400 Vape Ignition (2.25kg)
Brand: Vape
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PowerDynamo VAPE Ignition 7210599 7210799

Designed especially for the CZ 380. Designed especially for the 400 CZ with a heavy flywheel weight. We would only recommend this for owners who need to tune the bike for easy starting and non-competitive use.The flywheel weight is the heaviest offered and has been tested and installed in all large crank models made before 1975.

We no longer offer the AC or DC system as standard. This unit is meant for NO LIGHTS. If you want lights you can choose from the options shown for an AC or DC unit. CZ 981 Instructions

This is a complete, solid state 12 volt system including flywheel (rotor 2.25kg), stator, coil, and spark plug wire. Flywheel puller to fit this design is included.

Fits models:

Pre 1975 CZ 250 | 400 model 980 and 981 

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