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POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealer 8oz

POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealer 8oz
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Fuel tank sealer by POR-15.

STANDARD FUEL TANK SEALER was formulated and developed in POR-15 laboratories due to the demand for a high-tech sealer impervious to all fuels, including the new Stage II fuels which have a higher alcohol content. It has superior strength and fuel resistance, and does not contain Methyl Ethyl Ketone, a highly flammable and deadly carcinogen (cancer causing). Features: Resistant to all fuels, alcohol, additives and solvents. Stops rust, corrosion and leaks permanently. Seals pinholes and seams - POR-15 TOUGH! Chemically bonds to metal surfaces (even rusted). Permanently flexible. Light gray color for easier viewing inside the tank.

This item comes in our Motorcycle Tank Repair Kit and Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tank Repair Kit. An 8 ounce (236ml) can will cover a 5 gallon petrol tank or several small tanks. You can also use this product on any steel parts you want to stop rust, but it is not intended for use as a primer. This item can not be shipped outside the continental United States.

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