FAQ's -- or -- How many times do I have to answer that question!


After reviewing the FAQ's use the Contact Us link above or in the page footer. Fill out the necessary information and lay out your question or problem in detail. Make sure you specify the make, model and year of your bike and if you can please use the Honda part number for reference.


Please check your spam folder and add webinfo@re-mx.com to your safe email list.


All inquiries are assigned a number. We respond to our questions as they come but it may take up to 24 to 48 hours to respond.


Technical Support Hours: 8:00 AM - 08:00 PM (Eastern Time GMT-5)


Thank you for choosing Re-MX.



1) How come you never answer your phone? Can I order over the phone? I left you a message, how come you never returned my call? Does your phone even work?

The short answer is yes our phone works. We answer our phone when we can get to it so NEVER wouldn't be true. We try to get the overnight website orders processed early in the day, our incoming inventory needs to be received and shelved, and all Internet orders (via the website) are processed before any phone orders or call backs. So yes you can order over the phone with a $25 minimum parts order but be aware that your order may be delayed. To expedite your request please leave a phone number, your name, and the reason for your call. Emailing us your question or your order will always get a faster response than a voice message. Remember that discount codes, sale prices, and other deals are only available when purchases are made online. Please be mindful that we can't diagnose your starting, running, engine noises or other mechanical or technical repair questions over the phone or email. There is a $10 minimum purchase from the online store.


2) Where are you located? Where do you ship from? Do you charge sales tax? Can I pick up my order and save the shipping charge?

We are conveniently located just 10 minutes from BWI airport near Baltimore, Maryland and we ship from our single warehouse so if you want to order online or email in your order and have it ready for pickup just let us know. We don't have a retail store location you can browse so we prefer you pre-order. If you paid online and you would rather pick up your order please understand that we ship quickly so you must let us know when placing your order. ALL PICK-UP ORDERS and orders shipped to Maryland addresses will be charged Maryland sales tax - currently 6% of the total.


3) Can you ship to my cousin Teddy? Can you ship to my work address? Or for our international (non-US) customers - Can you mark my package as a gift?

We will ship to any address that you choose provided it is approved for delivery by common carrier, confirmed by your credit card company or PayPal, and is accessible during normal business hours. Delivery to UPS stores, commercial locations and any other shared office spaces should contain a company name, suite number, local phone number, and your name or contact's name so it can reach the correct address. We are not responsible for undeliverable items and you will be charged to re-ship, or at a minimum for the original shipping, if items are returned to us as undeliverable. You may be subject to a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee for all returned items. We can't mark international orders as gifts. We are required to complete the customs form accurately. We can't insure the parcel without proper forms and your taxes are a matter between you and your government.


4) My bike isn't starting, My bike runs and then won't start. Can you help me figure out what I should do or how I can fix it?

We can offer a few simple suggestions via email, but we can't answer these service calls over the phone. Maybe one day when we have more time we can set up an online help section, but last we checked there are hundreds of online resources where experts lurk and will be happy to answer your questions. Never underestimate the power of community when it comes to these things. And never underestimate the cost of repair of a vintage, collectible motorcycle!


5) I just picked up a bike OR I was offered a bike, can you tell me what it is worth?

Well if you just picked it up it's worth what you paid for it! If you are ever offered a bike and you aren't sure what it is worth you need to ask yourself, "Do I have enough time, money, space, desire to own, and patience along with the patience of my significant other to own, maintain or otherwise care for a vintage motorcycle?" So what ever you decide to do we'll be OK with it. We can't tell you what it's worth since we haven't answered all those questions and we weren't offered the same bike.


6) I just acquired a bike and it needs work. Do I need all of the gaskets, oil seals, etc to rebuild the motor?

I once saw a sign in a lighting store that read, "Buying a lamp shade without the lamp is like buying a hat without your head" Translated to the art and labor of motorcycle repair that means if you don't know the condition of the engine or you haven't heard it run then you should consider replacing any critical part that may not have been replaced since new. Imagine leaving off one $5 part from the list of items and then having to tear the engine apart again just to replace the leaking seal you said didn't need replacing. We call that not using your head.


7) I ordered from you six months ago and I just got around to opening the box and noticed something was missing?

Wow! We try very hard not to make mistakes when shipping, but we only allow fifteen days (maybe a little more for international orders) for you to report missing items. We think that is ample time for you to check your order for errors. Please see our return policy


8) Do you sell on eBay? Can you list an item on eBay for me?

Occasionally we list an item on eBay if we feel that it needs to get some attention that we have that part reproduced so our customers can stop buying the same item for more money on eBay. But we can't offer you the best pricing when we advertise on eBay because eBay wants a commission. Also as a buyer one wants to be able to buy all the items for a project at once and that is what we try to offer on our site. Remember that eBay is nothing more than a selling platform - think electronic bazaar (sometime bizzare!).