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Penton | KTM | Rotax | Cagiva Vape Ignition 90mm

Penton | KTM | Rotax | Cagiva Vape Ignition 90mm
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Powerdynamo Vape Ignition 7610799AC 7610799DC 7610599 Penton catalog #40360

Solid state ignition system for many makes and models with 90mm base plate, clockwise rotation, mounted on RH side of engine as a replacement for stock MOTOPLAT magneto or SEM ignition. You will need stock Motoplat/SEM system off off. You will need a puller M26x1.5 to remove the original rotor. Choose from AC, DC or no lighting option (race version).

New generator / electronic ignition for 2 stroke engines:

KTM engines (no Sachs engines)
Rotax (Aprilia) 123, 127 engines
Husky/Cagiva WMX125

Attention: on some KTM models the "GS" cover will not work with this flywheel/rotor and you have to use the "cross" cover instead!
See below for full list of makes and models

Both AC and DC are good to illuminate light bulbs (your home grid is AC), but only DC can charge a battery.

Replacement magneto. Light output:
DC System 12V/100W DC
AC System 12V/70W AC
Replaces stock ignition system (including ignition coil, stator and regulator/rectifier)
There is no need for changes on engine casing (exception the KTM GS model cover as noted above)
The system is technically capable to run without battery.

The VAPE ignition can not operate the power valve existing on some Rotax engines! Likewise, the system can not be operated with any existing electric starter!

Advantages over the stock system:

  • all parts are new
  • more light output
  • very stable ignition with solid spark
  • better starting, better fuel burning
  • requires PD40911 flywheel puller

Fits models:

1972-1979 Penton 125cc / 250cc with KTM Engine
Penton 400cc with KTM Engine
Rotax 123cc / 127 Aprilla
1980-1991 Cagiva 125cc WMX
1986-1988 Cagiva 125cc / 250cc MX 
1979-1997 KTM 125cc all models 90mm OD mount plate
thru 1986 KTM 175cc all models 90mm OD mount plate
thru 1986 KTM 250cc all models 90mm OD mount plate
1987-1989 KTM 250cc DXC | EXC models 90mm OD mount plate
1988-1989 KTM 350cc all models 90mm OD mount plate
1979-1984 KTM 400cc / 420cc 90mm OD mount plate with single lead coil
thru 1986 KTM 440cc / 500cc / 540cc / 550cc 90mm OD mount plate
KTM Engine numbers: 51,52,54,510,520,530,540,541,542,550,560,562,501,502,543,544,545,555,565
1999 Maico 500

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