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Preston Petty MX Front Fender

Preston Petty MX Front Fender
Brand: Preston Petty Products
Product Code: PP618730
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Price is for one part. We sell all parts individually unless marked set or pair.


All items shown with an active ADD TO CART button are in stock. No need to call us, just add to your order. Some seat covers are made to order and will take up to two weeks. The rest of your domestic US order will ship in most cases. This may delay your international order. A status of Pre-Order means you must call us with a credit card payment in full before we will order this item for you. OUT OF STOCK status is pretty understandable. Yes, we will change this status as soon as items become available.

Genuine Preston Petty MX front fender is made from new tooling. The fenders are injection molded just as Preston did. We have taken great strides in color matching and using new modern materials.

We do not wish to call a color any specific brand such as "Suzuki" or "Yamaha" etc... Except the blue color we have designated as "Bultaco" Blue. We did this because of our friendship with the great folks at Hugh's Bultaco. We sent color chips to Tim Weaver who used his personal stock of NOS Preston Petty fenders to match. This blue we feel best fits as does Tim.

*Disclaimer- We used many NOS original Preston Petty fenders for color matching. We cannot guarantee our match is perfect for your current tank or fenders.

Each fender will still have the Preston Petty "Guaranteed Unbreakable" 1 year warranty just like Preston offered. No other fender company offers this. Remember the fine ridges on the flairs of the front on the MX Front fenders? No other company has ever bothered to make these when making "look a like" fenders. But we did!!! Each fender will also have the oval Preston Petty Product decal on the fender and an extra in the box. Each fender will have the same original wording and logo as Preston had; "MX FRONT" and his "Preston Petty Product" oval logo. We took the time and effort to do it right! The one major thing Preston has instilled in us is that "Top quality should be the main focus". Those are his words that we will live by!

Available in many colors as shown in the color chart. Some may not be available at this time.

Fits models from almost all manufacturer's models of Motocross and Enduro bikes from Bultaco, Maico, Ossa, KTM, Penton, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and many others. Use the dimension chart to see if it will fit your bike.


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