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Z50A | CB100 | SL100 | ST90 | TL125 Honda Nut Headlight Case

Z50A | CB100 | SL100 | ST90 | TL125 Honda Nut Headlight Case
Brand: Honda
Product Code: HON613105
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Genuine Honda special nut for the inside of headlight housing. 

Fits models:

1970-1971 CB100
1976-1984 CB125S
1970-1971 CL100 | CL100S
1980 CM200T
1977 CT125
1982 MB5-C | MB50
1975 MR175
1990 NS50F
1970-1973 SL100
1977-1978 XL100
1979-1985 XL100S
1976-1978 XL125
1979-1985 XL125S
1973-1975 ST90
1974-1976 TL125 | TL125S
1975-1976 TL250
1972-1978 Z50A
FT500-D 1983 500 FT500 Ascot Street
ATC110-B 1981 110 ATC110 ATV
ATC110-C 1982 110 ATC110 ATV
ATC185S-B 1981 185 ATC185S ATV
ATC185S-C 1982 185 ATC185S ATV
ATC185S-D 1983 185 ATC185S ATV 
ATC200-B 1981 200 ATC200 ATV 
ATC200-C 1982 200 ATC200 ATV 
ATC200-D 1983 200 ATC200 ATV 
ATC200E-C 1982 200 ATC200E Big Red ATV 
ATC200E-D 1983 200 ATC200E Big Red ATV 
ATC200ES-E 1984 200 ATC200ES Big Red ATV 
ATC200M-E 1984 200 ATC200M ATV 
ATC200M-F 1985 200 ATC200M ATV 
ATC200S-E 1984 200 ATC200S ATV 
ATC200S-F 1985 200 ATC200S ATV 
ATC200S-G 1986 200 ATC200S ATV 
ATC250R-D 1983 250 ATC250R ATV 
ATC250R-E 1984 250 ATC250R ATV 
TRX125-F 1985 125 TRX125 ATV 
TRX125-G 1986 125 TRX125 ATV 
TRX200-E 1984 200 TRX200 ATV 
TRX250-F 1985 250 TRX250 Fourtrax 250 ATV 
TRX250-G 1986 250 TRX250 Fourtrax 250 ATV 
TRX250-H 1987 250 TRX250 Fourtrax 250 ATV 
TRX350D-J 1988 350 TRX350D Fourtrax Foreman ATV 
TRX350D-K 1989 300 TRX350D Fourtrax Foreman ATV 
XL185S-A 1980 185 XL185 Dual Sport 
XL185S-B 1981 185 XL185 Dual Sport 
XL185S-C 1982 185 XL185 Dual Sport 
XL185S-D 1983 185 XL185 Dual Sport 
XL185S-Z 1979 185 XL185 Dual Sport 
XL200R-D 1983 200 XL200R Dual Sport 
XL200R-E 1984 200 XL200R Dual Sport 
XL250R-C 1982 250 XL250R Dual Sport 
XL250R-D 1983 250 XL250R Dual Sport 
XL250S 1978 250 XL250S Dual Sport 
XL250S-A 1980 250 XL250S Dual Sport 
XL250S-B 1981 250 XL250S Dual Sport 
XL250S-Z 1979 250 XL250S Dual Sport 
XL500R-C 1982 500 XL500R Dual Sport 
XL500S-A 1980 500 XL500S Dual Sport 
XL500S-B 1981 500 XL500S Dual Sport 
XL500S-Z 1979 500 XL500S Dual Sport 
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