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SL70 | SL100 | XL70 | XR75 | XR80 Honda Front Wheel Spacer

SL70 | SL100 | XL70 | XR75 | XR80 Honda Front Wheel Spacer
Brand: Honda
Product Code: HON443229
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Genuine Honda wheel spacer for front axle.

Replaces Honda part number 44311-GC4-700

Fits models:

1970-1972 CB100

1973-1974 CB125S | CL125S
1979-1982 CB125S
2004 CB50R
1970-1973 CL100 | CL100S
1967 CL90
1983 CR60R
1980-1983 CR80R
1980-1986 CT110
1977 CT125
1969-1979 CT90
1974-1975 MR50
1965 S90
1970-1973 SL100
1971-1973 SL125
1971-1973 SL70
1973-1975 ST90
1973-1976 TL125 | TL125S
1986-1987 TLR200 Reflex
1974-1978 XL100
1979-1982 XL100S
1974-1978 XL125
1979-1984 XL125S
1979-1983 XL185S
1974-1976 XL70
1977-1979 XL75
1980-1982 XL80S
1981-1982 XR100
1979 XR185
1980-1984 XR200
1973-1978 XR75
1979-1982 XR80

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