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1968 -1978 Z50A Stator Rebuild Kit

1968 -1978 Z50A Stator Rebuild Kit
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Genuine replacement stator assembly kit specifically for the Z50A K2 and K3 (1972) -1978 models. These models didn't use a battery. If you want to put lights on a Z50R, this kit would be a great start - just need to take the socket off to hook up your wiring harness. Comes complete with everything you need to get your stator back in working order except for the plate itself (both igniter and lighting coils, condenser, points, wiring, screws, O-ring, oil seal - see picture). Will also work on 1968 Z50 that had no lighting coil.

Fits models:

1968 Z50
1971 Z50A K2
1972 Z50A K3
1973 Z50A K4
1974 Z50A K5
1975 Z50A K6
1976-1978 Z50A

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